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We’re breaking down the barriers to post-secondary education across Canada

Where do I start saving for education?

Making a plan for your child’s or your own education after high school can be overwhelming, but you’re in the right place. Scroll down to get started in four simple steps.

Step 01: Build a budget

A budget is the best way to start tracking your expenses and plan out how you can save up enough for tuition and all those other living costs. 

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Step 02:Open an RESP and apply for CLB

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is an account designed to save for your own, or a child’s, post-secondary education. RESPs unlock various government grants and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), a $500-$2000 income-based grant to help pay for school.

Step 03: Apply for student loans

Student loans are money you can borrow from the government, or the bank, to help pay for school. Eventually you’ll need to pay this back but only after you’ve wrapped up your studies.

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Step 04: Apply for scholarships and bursaries

As a student, you may be able to fully or partially fund your education through scholarships and bursaries. There are literally thousands available for students studying in Canada. Many require just a few clicks to apply!

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What We Do

Unlocking funding

We’re helping modest-income students and families to apply for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), a $500-$2,000 government grant to help save for future school.


We’re working on creating and sharing simple, helpful financial education supports through online resources, in-person events and tax filing support. 

Giving back

We’re partnering with new and established community organizations to fund grassroots financial literacy and educational programming.

Unleashing potential

To help students with financial need pursue post-secondary, we’re creating a national bursary program to fund their studies.

What the community thinks

Luis Hernandez

Luis HernandezCovenant House

“Wealthsimple Foundation has created a positive experience for our youth at Covenant House! The programming they delivered was tailored to help them learn about relevant topics like credit scores, government financial aid and scholarships that they are eligible for. 

Youth expressed to me that they now feel like they have the knowledge and confidence to think about their own financial situation and take action. Attendees now know the basics of financial literacy and have more tools to support their long-term financial security.”

Esther Lee

Esther Saehyun LeeNorth York Women’s Shelter

“Wealthsimple Foundation has been so collaborative, helpful, and keen to understand North York Women Shelter’s organizational values. Working with the foundation has been an absolute pleasure - they are so generous with their time and expertise. We’re excited to continue to partner to provide tax clinics and financial literacy classes to survivors of gender-based violence.”

Mobeen Emerging-Youth-Consulting

Mobeen Lahani Emerging Youth Consulting

“Wealthsimple Foundation is working towards designing solutions and products specifically for youth by having youth at the centre. Through their partnership with Emerging Youth Consultancy (a youth-led advisory firm), they have been able to utilize youth feedback through their strategies and iterations of product design. They truly champion youth voice at a foundational level.”

Gina Energing

Gina Theivendra Emerging Youth Consulting

"It's been amazing to watch and support WSF in creating their products through an inclusive, youth-centric design lens. Through Emerging Youth Consultancy's partnership with WSF, I saw firsthand how much folks at WSF care about empowering youth to share their perspectives in order to  meaningfully impact product design. With youth voices and experiences at the centre of their work, WSF is making sure their solutions not only resonate with youth, but are led by them as well.

Ella Wang, Mina Project

Ella Wang the Mina Project

“I joined Wealthsimple Foundation as an intern through their partner, The MINA Project. The MINA Project focuses on addressing the skills, opportunities, and network gaps by providing access to opportunities for BIPOC high school students. During my time at the Foundation, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects and teams to explore my interests and test my abilities. I learned so much from everyone on the team, and I feel excited and prepared to start university!”

Our Partners

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Pathways to Education
Say Somaali
Covenant House
George Brown College
Toronto Metropolitan University
vancouver island university
University of Toronto Mississauga
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LearnSmart / Momentum
the mina project
Rise in Stem
21st Century Interactive
Federation of Black Canadian

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