We are Wealthsimple Foundation 👋

We help break down the barriers to post-secondary education across Canada. 

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Our values

There are a lot of systemic changes that need to happen to make post-secondary 
education more inclusive, accessible, and affordable. We can’t make all those changes immediately but we can commit to taking actionable and informed steps to making that 
first step to prosperity possible.


We take what’s complicated and make it easy. It’s 
what makes us uniquely able to break down barriers 
to access and knowledge.


We actively engage with communities to make sure everyone feels ownership in our collective success.


There are no ulterior motives here. We are transparent to build and sustain trust. We make sure our actions speak as loud as our words.


We meet you where you are and show deep respect to everyone trying to make the future better.

What We Do

Unlocking funding

We’re helping modest-income students and families to apply for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), a $500-$2,000 government grant to help save for future school.


We’re working on creating and sharing simple, helpful financial education supports through online resources, in-person events and tax filing support. 

Giving back

We’re partnering with new and established community organizations to fund grassroots financial literacy and educational programming.

Unleashing potential

To help students with financial need pursue post-secondary, we’re creating a national bursary program to fund their studies.

How we make an impact

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Helped over 8,700 students receive more than $5.4 million in Canada Learning Bond benefits

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Partnered with 17 community organizations to deliver 50+ programs

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Delivered financial literacy to 2093 people living in Canada

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Pledged $96,000 in bursaries to support students future education

Board of Directors

Caroline G Gale

Caroline G. Gayle

Managing Director, Accenture, Technology Financial Services Lead - Canada

Sue Gillespie

Sue Gillespie

President and CEO, Pathways to Education

Michael Katchen

Michael Katchen

Co-founder & CEO, Wealthsimple

Aliza Lakhani

Aliza Lakhani

Dean and CEO, Northeastern University Toronto


Layo Folami

Layo Folami

Coordinator, Community Engagement

Leen Li

Leen Li

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Naddaf

Emily Naddaf

Senior Manager, Community Growth

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